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The Jewish Voice Ministries -  JVM has a mandate to proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua to the Jews first, then to the Gentiles.  The Bible tells us that there shall be a set time when the Jewish nation will be saved.  This will be established when the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, then blinders shall be removed from the Jewish nation.  The Gentiles have an exclusive roll to play in the deliverance of the Jewish nation unto God, to emphasize His original covenant with the Jewish nation.  For more detail and constant information, teachings and revelation, please visit the website.  

Derek Prince Ministries was founded by Derek Prince, who has since gone on to the presence of the Lord.  The ministry he founded is carried on by warriors that have been in the trenches with him as he served God.  His passion is to bring you into truths and insights that will establish you in the Kingdom of God. To check out his teachings, through books, radio ministry and  audio and video series, please visit the website. 

Sid Roth proclaims the Gospel of Yeshua to the Jews first then to the Gentiles as stated in Romans 1:16.  Sid was raised in a traditional Jewish home, but needed more than what he had learned.  After coming under demonic attack in areas of his life, he was set free because of a supernatural encounter with Christ.  Since then he has proclaimed the Gospel of Christ to the Jews and Gentiles.  He started a ministry in 1977, the Messianic Vision along with a syndicated radio broadcast, entitled the same.  You can catch Sid Roth on the It's Supernatural network as well as the website.

Bob Larson is a renowned leader in Spiritual Warfare, battling the hordes of hell on the frontline. He is also a Pastor, author, and  coach, and has appeared on many television programs as well as a reality show titled "The Real Exorcism".  To learn more about Bob Larson and his ministry, visit his website at 

Apostles Royal and Demetrice Masons  are  Prophetic Generals, located in the Wilmington Delaware area.  They are so keen and sharp in the spirit that you will think God is standing there Himself.  Not only do they Pastor Antioch Christian Church, but they provide prophetic training and accurate teachings on the Gift of prophecy and the Office of the Prophet.  They are highly recommended if you desire to increase in the prophetic or learn more, contact them through their website at http//

Apostle Garrett and Prophetess Gina Lloyd are genuine leaders that have a heart for God's people and examples of Kingdom leadership.  They are overseers of several churches spread abroad the United States.  Their home based Church is Deliverance Temple of Faith located in Canton, Georgia.  Prophetess Gina is also an anointed Psalmist backed with a Word in her belly. They flow in deliverance, healing, and proficient in counseling.  To learn more about their ministry and/or to connect, the Email is 
We like to introduce you to those that help us as we travel our path in the Gospel of Yeshua.  The hedges and byways that Yeshua refers to in Luke 14:23 cannot always be accomplished in the physical realm, so we connect through the byways of social media to bring you to the revelation of the Kingdom of God and His Son Yeshua.  Please click on any of the links to enlighten your understanding of God's Word.   

2 Timothy 2:15 states:  "Study to show yourself approved, a workman needing not to be ashamed, but to rightly divide the Word of  Truth".   The Word of God is eternal and infinite.     
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