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Dr. Cheryl Baker is the Founder of Living Water Healing Ministries located in Jacksonville, Florida.    She received Her Masters degree in Christian Counseling and her Doctorate degree in Christian Psychology from Word Bible College.

She finally stopped running from God after He gave her a vision concerning her walk with Him.  Even though she was a sinner, she realized that this vision was from God.  That day in October 1991, while preparing for work, in her bedroom she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.  She later joined the church her teen daughter was attending and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  During her tenure there, the Lord began training her Himself in Intercession and Healing. The Holy Spirit spoke to her and told her she would be used in the kingdom as a healer through the works of Holy Spirit.  A friend introduced her to Benny Hinn's book, "Good Morning Holy Spirit", where she begin to learn the person of  Holy Spirit and how important it was to have Him in her life.

Later, She and her teenage daughter began to experience demonic harassment.  Not realizing what was going on, she was led to read one of Dr. Rebecca Browne's book and the harassment increased, thus began her Ministry of Spiritual Warfare as the Lord began teaching her Himself.

She later moved her membership to a Church where a Minister was teaching on Deliverance. There she learned about the Ministry of Deliverance and the Lord began revealing even the more concerning the bloodline curses of her family.  God gave her a vision while attending the first church and told her that He was sending her to a school of "Demonology".  

That occurred after God gave her another vision informing her it was time to move to another Church. Family and friends told her that she should not be "church hopping", but she knew she was being led by  Holy Spirit.  She also had come to realize that God will lead you where He wants you to be for you to get what He wants to impart in you in order for you to walk in your God ordained destiny.  She learned early in her walk as a child of the King, that you must listen to  Holy Spirit and not man, and be moved by Holy Spirit, not man. Had she listened and not followed God, she would have missed what God had for her in that season of her life.

She served in her new  Church for 10 years plus where she was mentored in Spiritual Warfare and her gifts of Intercession were fine tuned.  She has seen much demonic activity in the lives of God's people, and through deliverance God had set them free.  God has used her in ministering healing to aids victims, those with Lupus and other sicknesses  who were set free by God.  

Apostle Baker traveled with her Pastors and "Deliverance Team" and has worked with several Spiritual Warfare Giants worldwide as well as in China where she has witnessed demonic strongholds destroyed by God....... all because the people wanted "Truth and the real Power of  Holy Spirit" to be set free to obtain their destiny in Christ.  

She is now training the Body of Messiah as instructed by the Lord to develop like-kind Kingdom Warriors that will empower the Body of Messiah to become more effective in the kingdom.  These are in depth training and teachings that are very seldom taught in your regular Sunday and mid-week services.

Her passion for the Leadership of the Church is to empower them into their proper kingdom position​. The dynamics of her teachings are much needed and is refreshing for and to the Body of Messiah.  He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the Church.

Invite Apostle Baker to your Church, Workshop or Conference to impart reaching realms in God instead of just levels in Him.  Get all that God has for you and your Church.

Contact Info:
P. O. Box 440412     Jacksonville, Florida 32222
(904) 638-6906

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